How to Set Up PayPal Ship Now


The paypal ship now is designed for e-commerce merchants who need a quick and safe way to send their goods to their customers. And thanks to PayPal’s partnership with USPS and UPS, this service is now made available to anyone who wants it. Read this article to know more about ir.

PayPal Ship Now

To take advantage of this great feature, you have to fulfill some basic requirements.

  1. First, you have to find a secure and reliable supplier that has a website where you can ship your goods. You also need to provide them with your shipping address, contact details and payment information. This information is stored on your PayPal account, but you can also provide this information to the supplier.
  2. Next, check your payment method. There are a number of ways to do this. You can go to the PayPal Help Center, where you will be able to learn about your payment options and what to do if your bank or credit card provider does not support the type of payment you prefer. You can also use the “Check out” button in PayPal, which will give you the option of either entering a secure and password-protected payment page or simply using your credit card number as you would normally do.
  3. After doing all these things, you can start shipping your goods! Your next step is to complete the order. Make sure that you send your customer the shipment receipt before they pay, so that they can claim it at your nearest UPS and the US Post Office location. You should also send them a prepaid package or return package, so that you are not responsible for them if they do not receive the item they ordered.
  4. For most people, the last thing that they want to do when they enter an e-commerce site is to return items that were not received. You can prevent this by setting up PayPal returns shipping instructions. This will ensure that you only ship your items if the customer requests it and you ship it to the right address. For instance, if you ship to a customer’s home, then your package will be sent to the customer’s place of work, so that they can return it to the right address.

How to Use PayPal Ship Now

Utilizing the PayPal Ship Now is pretty straightforward. So there is no reason for you to get lost during the process.

  1. Open your trusted web browser.
  2. Go to PayPal official website
  3. Log in to your account.
  4. On the Recent Activity, click on Ready to Ship.
  5. Under the Ready to Ship, click on the “Print Shipping Label.”
  6. On the next page, you will be required to fill out the shipping details like the weight of the item, package size, service type, and shipping options.
  7. When you finish completing the required information, click on the “Calculate Shipping Cost” button.
  8. Before finalizing the shipping transaction, review the details that you entered first.
  9. When you are decided, click on the “Confirm and Pay” button.
  10. The cost of the shipping label will be charged on your account.
  11. Print the shipping label and put it along with the item.

Payment Methods

There is a wide range of payment methods available when you are doing your business with PayPal. Many businesses use the same services as you do. You can also choose a traditional method like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, or Discover card to help you get started.

Setting up your account

When you are setting up your account, you have to accept all the payment methods listed. This includes money orders, and your account will also accept payments through different methods depending on the product that you are selling. The payment method will be automatically verified and accepted after you create your PayPal account. Be sure to read the terms of service that accompany each payment method you accept.

Once your shipping address has been verified, you can begin the process of making the transaction using PayPal. You can add customers to your list with just a few clicks of your mouse. Your customers can now select which type of payment to use for their purchase through your PayPal account. They can choose either one-time payment option monthly billing, or both. Some customers use their PayPal account to make regular purchases and others to pay their suppliers or vendors with a check. Whatever way they prefer, you must ensure that they can pay their bills on time. to avoid late charges or penalties.

Once the payment option is chosen, you will receive an email notification of their selection and their account information. From there, you can send the payment to their chosen payment source. Once you receive the payment, your customer can login to the payment page and view their items online, or print out the invoice to send to their office, depending on the payment option. that you provided.


If you are selling a digital product, then you need to ensure that your customers can also see the item(s) on their computer or laptop after they received the item(s). You should include a PDF file link with the shipment confirmation, so that your customers can print it out. When the customer gets the invoice, they will have a copy of the file so that they can print it out on their own if they wish. After you receive their payment, they can then print it out or save it in their digital file so they can easily print it out.

PayPal ship now and you can see the great benefits that it provides to your business. You can create your own business using this incredible online payment service.

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